Useful TF2 Console Commands

cl_ commands

  • cl_ask_blacklist_opt_out 0/1 – turns question whether to blacklist a server after leaving after a short amount of time off/on
  • cl_ask_favorite_opt_out 0/1 – turns question whether to favorite a server after leaving after a longer amount of time off/on
  • cl_autoreload 0/1 – turns automatic reloading off/on
  • cl_autorezoom 0/1 – turns Sniper Rifle re-zoom off/on
  • cl_burninggibs 0/1 – burning gibs off/on
  • cl_crosshair_file – sets crosshair picture. “” is standard-crosshairs. example: “crosshair1”
  • cl_drawhud 0/1 – hides/shows the HUD – sv_cheats 1 required
  • cl_flipviewmodels 0/1 – sets viewmodels normal/inverted(left-handed) – does not work while connected to a server
  • cl_interp – sets how far character models are interpolated (drawn away from their actual position) in the world, a good standard value for hitscan weapons is 0.034
  • cl_new_impact_effects 0/1 – turns new, better looking impact effects off/on, most noticeable on glass
  • cl_ragdoll_collide 0/1 – turns ragdoll collisions on/off (client-side only)
  • cl_ragdoll_fade_time – sets time until ragdolls disappear (client-side only)
  • cl_showbackpackrarities 0/1 – turns color-coded items in trade off/on
  • cl_showfps 0/1/2 – shows framerate (off/real-time/rounded)
  • cl_showpos 0/1 – shows the map coordinates and movement speed of the player
  • cl_yawspeed – sets the speed at which your character turns when using the +left and +right commands
  • cl_spec_carrieditems – Shows non-standard items being carried by player you’re spectating

tf_ commands

  • tf_allow_player_use 0/1 – disallows/allows the +use command on a server, useful for some custom maps, standard is 0. – server operator only
  • tf_allow_taunt_switch 0/1/2 – disallows/allows switching weapons during taunts. (1 = start of taunt only; 2 = at any time during the taunt) – server operator only
  • tf_damage_disablespread 0/1 – turns random damage-spread (+-10%) for weapons off/on – server operator only
  • tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg – sets the pitch when doing maximum damage with your weapon, a lower pitch is recommended in most cases, standard is 100
  • tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg – sets the pitch when doing minimum damage with your weapon, a higher pitch is recommended in most cases, standard is 100
  • tf_dingaling_volume – sets the volume for hit sounds, standard is 1.00
  • tf_dingaling_wav_override – allows using a custom hit sound. Note: No longer used. To use a custom hit sound, rename your sound file “hitsound.wav”, and place it in the “tf/sound/ui/” folder
  • tf_dingalingaling 0/1 – turns weapon hit sound off/on
  • tf_forced_holiday 0/1/2/3 – enables holiday mode (0 = default; 1 = birthday; 2 = halloween; 3 = birthday) – server operator only
  • tf_medieval 0/1 – enables Medieval mode on the server, requires map change to take effect – server operator only
  • tf_medigun_autoheal 0/1 – turns automatic healing without holding the left mouse button off/on
  • tf_medieval_autorp 0/1 – enables/disables automatic medieval-style text modification in the chat box
  • tf_medieval_thirdperson 0/1 – toggles third person view during Medieval mode
  • tf_overtime_nag 0/1 – turns endless shouting of “OVERTIME!” in Overtime off/on – server operator only
  • tf_playergib 0/1/2 – handles the frequency of gibbing. (0 = never; 1 = default; 2 = always, including attacks that normally don’t gib) – server operator only
  • tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads 0/1 – turns fixed, consistent spread for weapons like Shotgun, Scattergun and Shortstop off/on – server operator only
  • tf_weapon_criticals 0/1 – turns random criticals off/on – server operator only

sv_ commands

  • sv_cheats 0/1 – turns cheats off/on – server operator only
  • sv_lan – cvar for local area network – server operator only
  • sv_pure – cvar for managing custom content – server operator only

mp_ commands

  • mp_autoteambalance – cvar for automatic team balancing. – server operator only
  • mp_disable_respawn_times – cvar for respawn times. – server operator only
  • mp_idledealmethod – cvar for managing idle players. – server operator only
  • mp_restartgame – restarts the round and resets the round time. – server operator only
  • mp_teams_unbalance_limit – cvar for team force balance. – server operator only
  • mp_timelimit – cvar for map timelimit. – server operator only
  • mp_usehwmmodels 1 & mp_usehwmvcds 1 – makes use of the high-polygon class models used in the ‘Meet the Team’ videos.
  • mp_waitingforplayerscancel 1 – cancels “waiting for players…” time – server operator only

hud_ commands

  • hud_combattext 0/1 – turns the damage text above enemies off/on
  • hud_combattext_healing 0/1 – turns the healed text above teammates off/on
  • hud_reloadscheme – use this to fix various HUD-color errors or lingering Crit-effects

miscellaneous commands

For players

  • bind <key> <command> – Binds a key with a command.
  • unbind <key> – Unbinds a key.
  • dropitem – Drop the flag or intelligence.
  • explode – Commit suicide. (by exploding into gibs)
  • kill – Commit suicide.
  • fov_desired 70-90 – Set desired field of view. (higher values show more of the battlefield at the cost of fps)
  • jointeam red/blue/auto/spectator – Force team. (use this if you are stuck in “dead spectator” mode when too many people attempt to join a team at the same time)
  • jpeg – Take a jpeg screenshot.
  • retry – Retry connection to last server.
  • status – Display map and connection status.
  • viewmodel_fov <number> – Sets distance in which your weapons are drawn, higher values show more of the weapon and arms but may show missing parts.
  • r_drawviewmodel 0/1 – Turns viewmodels on and off.
  • restart – Restarts the current server.
  • find <command> – A search function that displays all commands with a searched term.
  • hurtme <number> – Deals a given amount of damage (can be negative for extra health) – sv_cheats 1 only
  • zoom_sensitivity_ratio <number> – Sets the ratio of sensitivity while zoomed in with the Sniper Rifle with accordance to actual sensitivity.
  • net_graph <1-6>
    • Depending on the input value, different amounts of information will be shown such as ping, fps, lerp, packet loss, etc.
  • thirdperson – Places your view in a camera behind your character – sv_cheats 1 only
  • thirdperson_mayamode – If active, turning in third person does not move the camera – sv_cheats 1 only
  • thirdperson_platformer 0/1 – If active, the mouse controls the camera while movement is controlled relative to it.
    • If thirdperson_mayamode isn’t active, walking towards the camera will ‘push’ your view away.
  • firstperson – Return to first person perspective.
    • If thirdperson_platformer is still set to 1, you will not be able to move the camera during taunts.

For moderators/admins

  • changelevel <mapname> – Changes the map.
  • cvarlist – View complete cvar list.
  • exec – Execute config file.
  • map <mapname> – Changes the map and restarts the server.
    • Starts a new server if entered on the main menu – useful for bypassing the “Create New Server” dialog and map drop-down menu
  • maps – Display list of maps.
  • rcon_password <password> – gives player access to rcon commands.
  • nextlevel <mapname> – Sets the next map to be played.
  • rcon <command> – Executes an rcon command.
  • rcon_address <ip address> – Sets the server address to send rcon commands to (if not set, console sends the command to the server that the player is currently in instead)

For recording

  • record <demo name> – records a demo
  • stop – stops the recording of a demo
  • startmovie <moviename> – opens up the source recorder during demo play back and allows for high quality avi format recording
  • endmovie – stops source recorder
  • host_framerate <number> – tells the source recorder to record at a constant framerate
  • host_timescale <number> – use in conjunction with host_framerate to produce a smooth video output
  • demoui – brings up a toolbox for replays (shift+F2 will also bring up the tool box)

weapon commands

The “use” command is used to equip the specified weapon.

  • Syntax
    use <weapon_name>
  • Arguments
    • <weapon_name>
      • Scout
      • Soldier
      • Pyro
      • Demoman
      • Heavy Weapons Guy
      • Engineer
      • Medic
      • Sniper
      • Spy
      To equip Electro Sapper, use: “build 3 0”

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