UFC 3 Requested Features

UFC 3 is set to be released Feb 2nd 2018 on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. We all love UFC 2, but does that mean it’s the best it can be? Absolutely not. Let me tell you which features I am looking forward to or hope to see in UFC 3.

  • Spectator Mode – The ability to browse a list of LIVE fights so we can join as a spectator.
  • Quick Custom Fighter Creation – To max out a custom fighter it could take 2 hours, if your fast. There should be 1 button that does this for us, IF we want.
  • Deeper Multi-Player Game Modes – I think this is being addressed with Tournament mode.
  • Disable Taunting – I think there should be an option pre-fight filters to disable Taunts.
  • Load Times – I know, install an SSD. But, the game needs to improve on it’s load times in all areas.
  • Open Pre-Fight Voice Communications – How often do you get matched up with a fighter just to find out it was the same player you quit on the last few times. This is another time consuming waste. If we had voice communications open pre-fight, we might be able to compromise with your opponent to setup a fair fight.
  • PS4 Post-Fight Communications – UFC 2 works great on Xbox. You play someone then you msg them immediately. Works great. On the PS4 that feature seems to be broken for many. It’s nice to be able to message the person you just played, immediately. On the PS4 it is not that simple. This really needs to be fixed. It’s not acceptable not being able to communicate with someone you just spent 25 minutes playing a great game with. Not sure if this is an EA or PS4 issue….

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