TF2 Admin Binds

Our Admins use binds to quickly get info to our players. This method has proven to play an important roll in our growth. Here is how to do it.

Open up TF2, open up your console by clicking the “~” key. In console, type: bind p “say @Please help support our community with a generous donation! :)”, hit enter to confirm. Now when you need to talk to a full server you don’t have to open your mouth, just hit the P key. Personally, I have 4 dedicated keys to help me advertise our community.

Here are a few TF2 binds to copy and paste.

bind o “say @Help support our community with a donation!”
bind p “say @Invite your Steam Friends to join our Steam Group!”
bind k “say @Subscribe to our Website”
bind l “say @Subscribe to our YouTube channel”
bind m “say @Subscribe to our Social Media networks”
bind n “say @We are currently recruiting TF2 Admins (must be 13+)”

Note: The @ symbol before the statement speaks to all players in a light green color. If your bind does not work, try replacing the old quotes with new quotes. Worked for me.

Here is a screenshot of the different quotes. (click image to enlarge)


3 thoughts on “TF2 Admin Binds”

    • I agree! However, if you try it and it doesn’t work, just replace the current quotes. Here is an example ->

      Correct -> bind o “say @Help support our community with a donation!”

      Not correct -> bind o “say @Help support our community with a donation!”

      See how the quotes are different? Weird..

      I’m not sure why it keeps reverting back.

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