About Oz


Hey guys, my name is Anthony aka Oz. I am a life long computer geek and gamer. In 1998, I bought a ATI Rage Fury graphics card from CompUSA. The graphics card came with Half-Life. As you will hear in this short bio, Half-life was one of the games that is responsible for changing the direction of my life forever.

Team Fortress Classic is a mod of Half-Life and was released in 1999. Also known as TFC, one of the games that redirected my life for about 8 years. During this time I competed in TFC leagues, organize clan match strategies, websites, forums, seo etc. My primary alias back then was pcfitness or pc.

In 2008, I registered ozgaming.net and turned it into a TF2 community that ended up with almost 1000 members. As we began to grow in popularity so would our Steam community. At the time Steam had 600+ members and about 350 on Google Plus+. Then Google drops a bomb on us and announces to shutdown Google Plus. That was the worst news for the community and is what broke it.

On a good note, the Team Fortress 2 community was insanely fun and everyone made a ton a friends. Was a great time for us! OzGaming | TF2 lasted for about 6 years and was pure fun. TFC and TF2 took a big piece of my life, a piece I never saw coming, but glad I gave it. Loved every bit of it and wouldn’t change a thing. In 2020, TF2 is still being played and is surprisingly picking up momentum again! TF2 is free to play so you should totally download it.


I was the TF2 community owner and the primary financial spine for about 7 years. I recruited a ton of members, who also recruited a ton of members, appoint admins, purchase servers, configure and maintain a few dedicated game servers. This included website design and hosting, photoshop art, layouts/graphics, seo etc.


Games I Love: Half-Life 1 & 2, Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Counter Strike, THPS, Grand Theft Auto V, Munch’s Oddysee, Top Spin 4, Virtua Tennis 4, UFC 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


As of 10/09/2020, live streams are random on Twitch. Follow me on Twitch with notifications turned on to be alerted when I go live.


I’ve been working with/and studying technology non-stop since the 90’s. In 2020, I work from home as a freelance computer support specialist and wordpress consultant.

Applications and technologies I am able to support:

WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins, CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Web Hosting, Photoshop, Yoast SEO, Security, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Virus & Malware Removal, Streamlabs OBS, Game Streaming, Programming Errors, Computer Hardware and Software Troubleshooting, Internet Connectivity, Wireless Printing, Microsoft Office etc.


Twitch – twitch.tv/ozislive
YouTube – youtube.com/user/ozgaming
YouTube – youtube.com/c/xboxtennis