Modern Warfare 2019 Stuttering Xbox Series S

Now let’s talk about playing Modern Warfare 2019 Stuttering on the Xbox Series S. I’ve experienced everything from freezing, crashing, aiming down sight on it’s own, but most notably a massive drop in frame rates. If I had to take a guess, I’d say Modern Warfare 2019 runs no higher than 30-45 fps with occasional lag spikes on top of it. This game went from being my favorite to a headache. The thing I liked most about this first person shooter was the smooth buttery 120hz at 4k or 1440p. Those numbers make it so easy on the eyes and enjoyable to play for long periods of time. Now it’s a mess. What else can I say, except I hope Activision addresses this problem soon. It bothers me not being able to play my favorite game.

As for the PS5, I cannot speak on behalf of the PS5 because I do not own one. However, I read Activision did not give their PS5 users a FOV slider. Ouch. Playing at 80 Field of view is a major disadvantage. They need to fix that as well.

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