Has Your Life Changed Due To Crypto?

Has your life changed due to crypto?

A2hosting is the fastest affordable webhost on the planet. The question is, has your life changed due to crypto? I had my chance to grab Bitcoin for fractions of a penny in 2009. It was offered to me during a game of Team Fortress Classic for free. I turned it down. A missed opportunity. Instead I continued to make a living supporting technology. Life is good. No regrets. Except for the Bitcoin thing. Lol.

In the summer of 2020, a friend was telling me about Bitcoin and how I really need to get involved. So I did. I grabbed a bag of Doge, ETH and Bitcoin. Sold them a few months later for a small profit and then bought back in. Today I have a few nice positions so I’m holding with most investments still in the green. Then a few months later scooped up about 40+ micro caps, sold most already and made a few bucks, not much. Got lucky and bought some Shiba at 0.00000067, as well as some CRO at 0.12. Just before GalaGames’s run I grabbed some at 0.09. Holding those too.

The short answer to the question, has your life changed due to crypto, is no. But I believe I’m in position for it. So it will. After watching my CRO, Shiba and Gala pump massively, I wish I would have bought more. I had a feeling they would go up, but who really knows.

I would love to hear about your crypto path in the comments. Let me know if you were able to achieve any life changing wealth due to crypto.

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