Half-Life 2 Update

I’ve been a PC gamer since the late 90’s. Half-Life 1 was the game that got me into PC gaming, along with a ton of other source engine games. In 2019, much of my spare time goes towards streaming on Mixer. If you don’t know what Mixer is, here is a link to my channel – OzGamingDotNet. Register with your Microsoft account and Follow me. It’s a lot of fun. The screenshot you see is from the Half-Life 2 Update game. I’ve already played through Half-Life 2 about 7 times. After playing the Updated version I might do it again, this time stream it to Mixer with full commentary. The game feels good. My FPS was in the mid 200s and that’s on relatively old hardware. Do I think this update was big? No, but I can tell work has been done visually and under the hood. This game is very affordable on the PC. You have to own Half-Life 2 to download the “Update”. I highly recommend it.

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