Fortress Forever vs. TF2

Fortress Forever competitive play differs in 4 major ways to TF2:

  1. Speed
  2. Defensive strategy
  3. Focus on movement
  4. Individual ability

Fortress Forever is much faster than TF2, and players have stricter positions. In TF2 both teams move around the map pushing each other back in a kind of tug-of-war; in FF the defending team creates a defensive strategy and then tries to hold their base against the oncoming attacking team. FF is more structured and static, having players with expertise defending particular choke points in maps and creating a defensive strategy together as to how to defend their base.

Fortress Forever is typically played Capture-the-flag, with teams being split into Offense and Defense. Defenders typically have “positions” at key choke points in their base which they are expected to hold down, stopping attackers getting past and relaying information about those that do to their teammates. Competitive play typically has 4 defenders and 4 attackers, either in a 4v4 (swapping sides at half time) or 8v8 format (with each team having 4 attackers and 4 defenders).

Most high level play splits 4 defenders into 2 lines of defense – front line (2 players) and back line (2 players), but this can depend on the map. Typically, an Engineer builds a sentry gun right at the back, covering the flag, because he is weak and needs defending whilst he builds. Often he has another player to help defend him – either a Demoman (with pipes (similar to “stickies”) on the flag), or a Soldier, or an HWGuy.

Attacking in Fortress Forever is very much based on the various movement abilities: Conc-jumping, ramp sliding, wall-strafing, trimping, double jumping, sharking, air control, and bunny hopping. Frequently Fortress Forever attackers are more concerned with getting past their opponents than killing them. This leads to great fun for both teams as defenders rack up kills and attackers pull off sweet moves.

In Fortress Forever, there is a balance between relying on your team, and shining as an individual. Some defensive positions are played solo, for those “lone wolf” types, and some have a greater emphasis on teamwork (such as defending the flag room with 1-2 other players). It’s possible to capture the flag on your own, if you show some outstanding skill, but it is much easier with a good team backing you up. There is much less frustration if you have a bad team – there is no yelling at the medic, like TF2.

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