Client dropped by server and Warning: Connection Problem


I am receiving one of the error messages listed below:
WARNING : Connection Problem Client dropped by server


If you are receiving these error messages, it is most likely a network connectivity issue interfering with game traffic between your machine and the server you are playing on.

Please use the following process and custom file to troubleshoot the issue: Exit from Steam completely
Download these custom files: MasterServers.vdf & MasterServers2.vdf – If the files do not download when clicked, please right click this link and select “Save Target As…” Place it in your Steamconfig folder (You will need to overwrite the current file already in place)
Default location: C:Program FilesSteamconfig
Right click this updated file and select “Properties”
In the General tab, make sure the “Read-only” box is checked and click OK. Re-start Steam and test the issue
If the issue persists, please complete the rest of this article.

Common Causes

You are using a wireless connection or a 56K modem (these devices may not be able to accommodate the bandwidth requirements of the game)
There is a virus, a P2P program, or some other background application running on your network or on your machine which is using up the bandwidth needed to maintain your connection to the game server
There are other computers on your local network which are using up the bandwidth needed to maintain your connection to the game server. The network connection for the server you are playing on is overloaded (this may result from having inadequate bandwidth to support the players who are joining the game or from other applications being run on the server) Your rate, cl_updaterate, or cl_cmdrate settings are not configured correctly for your connection speed. There is a conflict with your router, modem and/or Internet Service Provider and Steam


Programs which May Interfere with Steam
Please check this topic and disable any listed programs that could cause this issue. Spyware, Adware, and Viruses Interfering with Steam.

Review this topic for instructions on scanning for viruses and removing malicious software from your computer.
Test your Current Network Connection. Please complete this guide and make sure to bypass any router you currently have to test the connection.

Reduce Network Traffic

Try shutting down any other machines on the network to increase the bandwidth available to the machine you are using.

Change your rate setting

These are the default rates based upon connection speed:
56K Modem: 3500 to 5000
DSL: 7500
Cable/T1: 9999

Use the rate # (where # is the rate setting for your connection) command in the in-game console to change your rate setting. The console can be accessed using the ~ key while in-game. Change your cl_updaterate setting
The default cl_updaterate is 20, setting the value to a higher number increases the download demand on your connection. Use the cl_updaterate 20 command in the in-game console (~ key) to change your cl_updaterate setting to 20. Change your cl_cmdrate setting. The default cl_cmdrate is 30, setting the cale to a higher number increases the upload demoand on your internet connection.
Use the cl_cmdrate 30 command in the in-game console (~ key) to change your cl_cmdrate setting to 30.

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