Call of Duty WWII Error

Call of Duty WWII – Lost Connection To Host

A2hosting is the fastest affordable webhost on the planet. The infamous, “Lost Connection To Host” error keeps coming back to haunt me. Over the last few months on Call of Duty WWII for the Xbox One X has given me quite a challenge. I am unable to finish a full game without getting this error, “Lost connection to host/server. Connection timed out”. Every time. The most frustrating part is when you play for extended periods of time and then not get credit for your achievements, bonus points, rewards etc at the end of each game. It’s been months for me… I called Microsoft and they have no idea. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the error still persists. All other games in my library run perfect. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated in the comments below. Thanks!

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was one of the first of it’s series to keep me playing hours each day. This went on for a few years. It was great back then and now with the remastered version, it’s amazing. Such a great game and I highly recommend it.

It’s been one year since the release of Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Remastered

Since then I’ve had a chance to dig into Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. The good news, I have only a few problems with the game, however they are important. As of this post and it’s latest updates, when opening multiplayer shader caching has to happen every time. This usually takes a solid 5+ minutes which is absurd. The other, no one is online. Multiplayer is pretty much non existent. That’s a big problem for me since I prefer to play online against random humans. I have no complaints regarding the single player campaign. In fact, the single player portion of this game is one of my favorites.

That will wrap up my thoughts of COD – MWR. Questions and comments post them below. 

Call of Duty – MW Remastered – Fatal Error – Disc read error patch_common_mp – [Fix]

Call of Duty

I will show you how I was able to apply the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Fix. Keep in mind, everything was fine until I updated. After the update, this is what I encountered – Fatal Error – Disc read error ‘patch_common_mp’.

Here’s how to fix this Fatal Error

In your Steam library, right click on the game in question, in this case it’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. Once you locate the game, left click “Properties”, left click “Local Files”, left click Verify Integrity Of Game Cashe. That should do the trick. This procedure is the same for all games that produce these kind of errors. In most cases all you will need to do is Verify the integrity of the game in question. In this case it’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered’s cache. Let me know if this helped you in the comments.