TF2 Admin Application

TF2 Admin Application

Before you can become a TF2 Admin you must know the rules for our TF2 servers and abide by them. Rule number 1, ABA = Always Be Advertising. Always be advertising our community in all your social streams and forum communities. Without the help of our TF2 Admins for hitting those keyboard binds in-game and inviting their Steam friends to our servers to frag all night, we would not be as popular as we are. When you become a TF2 Admin you have the opportunity to help build up a game/community you already love and play on a daily basis. All Admins are expected to enforce the rules of the server at all times. Admins need to pay close attention to their surroundings, not just their score. Last but not least, no one gets Admin over night. If you bug us for it your application will be denied. Good things come to those who wait. While you wait, add the [Oz] tag and put some time into building your TF2 server stats.

The rules can be found here.

Note: If you have to frequently be reminded what not to do more than necessary, you will be relieved as a TF2 Admin for our Oz Gaming | TF2 community.

Complete the following:

1. Sub to our website ( click here )
2. Join our Google+ community ( click here )
3. Sub to our YouTube channel ( click here )
4. Join our Steam group ( click here )

Let [Oz] pc know when you are done with the above so he can verify it.

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