New Admin Manager – [Oz] Wii

New Admin Manager – [Oz] Wii

Many of you know him as Wii. He has been with us for about 3 years. Most of that time he served as Admin. Since the Admin Manager is a new position, you guys are probably wondering what the difference is between a regular Admin and a Admin Manager. An Admin Manager has power over all Admins similar to the owners, Jab and pc. The Admin Manager aka Wii in this case, will be your go to person when you have questions or need someone to fix a drama filled situation on the servers. Jab and myself will still be here if and when needed, but will more than likely tell you to ask Wii first. Wii is the Admin Manager and needs to exercise that role.

There are only a few things that are expected from our Admin Manager that differ from regular Admins.

First and foremost, always make sure your Admins are doing their job. Here’s just 1 example…

You enter the server in spectator mode and you see a few of your Admins playing. Then you notice a few players with racist names. You see the racist players have been on the server for quite some time, but your Admins have not yet said anything. It’s your job to immediately open Admin chat or Steam chat and ask them why they have not yet told the players to change their names yet. If your Admins say, it’s because we did not notice. That is not acceptable and your Admin should get a warning. That’s like someone robbing a bank, meanwhile there are 3 cops standing out front eating doughnuts while the criminal gets away. Those cops will have some explaining to do, perhaps lose their job. So if your Admins are not doing their job, the owners are going to wonder if the Admin Manager is doing his. Admin Managers must be mature and able to be aggressive with their Admins when needed. No exceptions! That is a very important part of being a good an Admin Manager. Admin Managers must remember not to confront their Admins publicly or create drama between them. Admin chat in game or Steam chat works nicely. This position is about running a fine tuned TF2 community and making sure you have the right team for the job. Admin Managers will also have the final say to add and remove Admins.


Admin List Update – 9/28/2015

“STEAM_0:1:440399” “99:z” //pc
“STEAM_0:0:2789269” “99:z” //pc
“STEAM_0:0:61441640” “99:z” //pc
“STEAM_0:1:7334502” “99:z” //Jab
“STEAM_0:0:6050192” “99:z” //Jab
“STEAM_0:1:55684298” “98:bcdej” //Wii
“STEAM_0:0:92633601” “1:bcdej” //Hunter
“STEAM_0:1:45953978” “1:bcdej” //Crispy
“STEAM_0:1:45332018” “1:bcdej” //feurolant
“STEAM_0:0:65138755” “1:bcdej” //Slayer
“STEAM_0:1:76886364” “1:bcdej” //Charles
“STEAM_0:1:17025145” “1:bcdej” //Trixy
“STEAM_0:1:48694268” “1:bcdej” //CrazyToast

New Admin List

STEAM_0:0:5388975 | Wolverine
STEAM_0:1:55684298 | Wii
STEAM_0:0:8450685 | CrapperJohn
STEAM_0:1:40828814 | Kannibal Kandy
STEAM_0:1:87324889 | RebelGirl5
STEAM_0:1:45332018 | Feurolant
STEAM_0:1:77528381 | AnaidonSnow
STEAM_0:1:39892430 | Phantom
STEAM_0:1:52836443 | Miley Cyrus
STEAM_0:0:72200013 | Paka
STEAM_0:0:63764081 | Admiral Taskbar
STEAM_0:0:81313510 | Antagonist

Gluteus Maximus Has Map Votes

Once more, I’ve been telling you guys over the last few weeks that I plan on giving Map Votes to one of our admins. Well, I decided the only other person that makes sense to give Map Votes to is Oz | Gluteus Maximus.

Oz | Gluteus Maximus has been with us for a long time and has easily held the top rank on the server for months. Just check the server stats here – or open chat and type: gameme and press option 3. Oz | Gluteus Maximus is one of those admins who clearly who knows how to admin a TF2 server. He knows how to control his temper, is fair, knows how to have fun and still manages to make friends and networks with others.

So for now, Oz | Fancy and Oz | Gluteus Maximus will be the only admin who have Map Votes. When Oz Gaming | TF2 started in January of 2012 I made a mistake by giving out too much admin power to too many people. As you could imagine, they all got upset when I took half of it away. It’s like taking candy from a baby, they baby is going to cry, lol, however, still my fault. When you have 20 admins and all have Map Votes and each one calls a Map Vote once a day, that’s a lot of Map Voting, and suddenly it’s no longer a 2fort server, lol. So I had to reshape the admin powers.

A note to Oz | Fancy and Oz | Gluteus Maximus. Before you call a Map Vote, open the console and type: sm_vote “Map Vote” Yes No or just copy and paste it just as you see it here. Then you will know if the majority of the server wants a Map Vote. It’s something I do all the time now.