Gluteus Maximus Has Map Votes

Once more, I’ve been telling you guys over the last few weeks that I plan on giving Map Votes to one of our admins. Well, I decided the only other person that makes sense to give Map Votes to is Oz | Gluteus Maximus.

Oz | Gluteus Maximus has been with us for a long time and has easily held the top rank on the server for months. Just check the server stats here – or open chat and type: gameme and press option 3. Oz | Gluteus Maximus is one of those admins who clearly who knows how to admin a TF2 server. He knows how to control his temper, is fair, knows how to have fun and still manages to make friends and networks with others.

So for now, Oz | Fancy and Oz | Gluteus Maximus will be the only admin who have Map Votes. When Oz Gaming | TF2 started in January of 2012 I made a mistake by giving out too much admin power to too many people. As you could imagine, they all got upset when I took half of it away. It’s like taking candy from a baby, they baby is going to cry, lol, however, still my fault. When you have 20 admins and all have Map Votes and each one calls a Map Vote once a day, that’s a lot of Map Voting, and suddenly it’s no longer a 2fort server, lol. So I had to reshape the admin powers.

A note to Oz | Fancy and Oz | Gluteus Maximus. Before you call a Map Vote, open the console and type: sm_vote “Map Vote” Yes No or just copy and paste it just as you see it here. Then you will know if the majority of the server wants a Map Vote. It’s something I do all the time now.