This is the Steam account that stole an $85 unusual from [Oz] Hunter – If you have any information on this please msg an Oz Admin or any one of our community members. [Oz] Hunter: Hello Oz, Hunter here. How many of you trust me, how many of you have been with this community … Read more Is The Worst! Is The Worst! My experience with In 2009 I signed up with At that time they were known as one of the better Game Server Hosts. They offered services for a price that was difficult for others to match. However, times have changed and so has I’ll explain. Our community went … Read more

TF2 Update Details

TF2 Mandatory Update Details – Added Collection Trade-Ups! – Check out the blog post for more information: – Added Map Stamps and Strange Filters for the featured maps in the Gun Mettle Campaign – Added the Gun Mettle Cosmetic Case which contains new community cosmetic items – Gun Mettle Cosmetic Case can only be … Read more