TF2 Update Details

TF2 Mandatory Update Details

- Added Collection Trade-Ups!
- Check out the blog post for more information:
- Added Map Stamps and Strange Filters for the featured maps in the Gun Mettle Campaign
- Added the Gun Mettle Cosmetic Case which contains new community cosmetic items
    - Gun Mettle Cosmetic Case can only be found by players with a campaign coin
    - Cosmetics in a collection can be listed on the Steam Community Market
- All Strange items now have a visible icon in backpack panels
- Added an option button to display paints and/or styles options for items in the Mann Co. Store preview page and the Steam Workshop item import tool
- Added the OWL 14 tournament medals
- Added a Steam Community Profile option to the player right-click context menu in the scoreboard
- Fixed a buffer overflow exploit (thanks to Didrole for this report)
- Fixed a Mann vs. Machine exploit related to purchasing upgrades while not at an upgrade station
- Fixed a Mann vs. Machine exploit related to the Medigun shield
- Fixed the Gun Mettle Coin not displaying its proper level in the Steam Community view
- Fixed the Enforcer getting a damage bonus as the Spy was disguising and not fully disguised
- Fixed the cvarlist command truncating some cvar/command descriptions
- Fixed hitting 'Enter' while in the backpack menu triggering buttons in the main menu
- Fixed invalid map names in nextlevel convar or the map cycle causing the server to fail to change level after displaying the score panel
- Fixed the Engineer losing revenge crits and picked-up weapons after using The Eureka Effect to teleport back to base
- The Dalokohs Bar can now accept Ally Healing Done strange parts
- Updated several HUD elements to include the name of the weapon's owner when a player is carrying a weapon they picked-up
- Updated the materials for the Stickybomb Launcher
- Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents
- Updated the localization files
- PASS Time update
    - Fixed scoring in your own goal if you change teams while the jack is in flight
    - Fixed disguised and cloaked enemy Spies having a shield drawn for them in the HUD
    - Fixed players sometimes not being able to throw the jack
    - Fixed another case where players could teleport the jack with The Eureka Effect
    - Fixed The Dead Ringer making it impossible to throw the jack or deactivate the Dead Ringer
    - All global special abilities that are activated with alt-fire are now available while carrying the jack, unless you're actively aiming the jack
    - Unlocked console variables for community servers to experiment with without requiring sv_cheats
    - Fixed Scouts being able to pick up the jack while drinking
    - Fixed disguised Spies being able to carry the jack in some situations
    - Made weapon switch faster after throwing the jack
    - Fixed not getting a speed boost if you score and then get the jack after it respawns
    - Fixed a crash if mp_tournament was enabled and someone scored during pre-game
    - Improved the way blocking works
    - Fixed being able to cancel enemy taunts by hitting them with the ball
    - Fixed seeing a phantom jack in your hand if you threw the jack and couldn't switch back to your previous weapon (jars, cleavers, etc.)
    - Updated pass_warehouse
        - Fixed issue with jack getting stuck behind props
        - Fixed exploit of jack getting stuck in dropper
        - Fixed issue with unbalanced ammo and health kits
        - Moved resupply closets further from the doors
        - Added plank walkway to central warehouses on top of the containers
- Server Browser
    - Fixed the history tab of the server browser failing to record servers
    - Fixed the spectate tab of the server browser not working at all
    - Fixed the game info dialog for SourceTV master servers improperly showing the server as not responding
    - Fixed connecting to SourceTV servers via the Favorites tab in the server browser
    - Fixed SourceTV relay servers not properly registering on the server list in some situations
    - Fixed the game info dialog for SourceTV relay servers not allowing connection despite open slots
    - Fixed SourceTV relay servers appearing to have negative max players
- Maps Workshop Beta
    - Fixed map cycle files specified before the initial map load not properly tracking workshop maps
    - Fixed game servers using registered accounts via sv_setsteamaccount being unable to access workshop content
    - Fixed servers getting stuck in a loop when the nextlevel convar contains a un-loadable workshop map

Voting for New Admins

What do you guys think of creating a POLL or some kind of voting system for new admins? Do you think it could make the admin position more valuable since they would know it comes down to a vote? The applicant may try to make strategic moves to gain popularity into the community as if he or she were in a political race, lol.. I have no problem with that. However, using a POLL, we could see details of what everyone thinks before we give admin to anyone.

What do you guys think?

TF2 Mandatory Update

A mandatory update for TF2 has been released. The notes for the update are below. The new version is 2806431.


– Announcing the Maps Workshop Beta!
– Added bsp_repack command to repack a BSP file with optimal compression
– Maps uploaded to the workshop are automatically compressed
– Added tf_workshop_refresh command to recheck tracked workshop maps and refresh subscriptions
– Added tf_workshop_map_sync command to immediately install a map from the workshop by ID
– Added sv_allow_point_servercommand to disable point_servercommand entities. Defaults to “official” Valve maps only. Can also be set to “disallow” and “always”.

TF2 Mandatory Update

We’ve released a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The update notes are below. The new version number is 2621505.


– Added Crate #90 and Crate #91 to the drop list
– Removed Naughty Winter Crate 2014 and Nice Winter Crate 2014 from the drop list
– Added convar sv_rcon_whitelist_address. Rcon clients failing to auth from the specified IP address will never get banned.
– Added convar r_drawtracers_firstperson to disable the drawing of first person bullet tracer particles
– Added “redirect” client command that can be used to send clients to a different server. Does not function for clients that came from matchmaking or certain server browser tabs.
– Fixed an exploit related to the “connect” command allowing servers to redirect clients when they should not be able to
– Fixed a client crash related to extreme viewmodel_fov settings
– The viewmodel_fov convar is now clamped to valid values. Users who were using this to hide the viewmodel and tracers should use r_drawtracers_firstperson 0 and r_drawviewmodel 0 to achieve the same effect.
– Fixed missing Killstreak sheen effects for the Iron Bomber
– Fixed the Explosive Headshot upgrade in Mann vs. Machine not applying to The Classic
– Fixed the Panic Attack not using the correct sound for crits
– Fixed The Peacenik’s Ponytail not using the correct team skins
– Fixed not being able to switch away from the Minigun while spinning down
– Fixed not being able to deliver wrapped Giftapult packages
– Fixed The Classic zooming-in when the Sniper teleports while charging a shot
– Fixed The Bootenkhamuns not hiding the correct bodygroup when equipped
– Fixed the Diamondback accumulating crits for backstabbing invlun players
– Fixed players not receiving timed drops when running the game in Ukrainian
– Updated weapons sounds for the axe_hit, blade_hit, and cbar_hit sound effects
– Updated the equip_region for the Brimstone
– Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents
– Updated the localization files

– Mannpower mode changes:
– Fixed bug that sometimes caused two intel briefcases to spawn
– Reduced capture trigger size to match capture area on CTF_Gorge

– Powerup changes:
– Haste: Doubles the Medigun’s uber charge build up speed
– Vampire: Reduced health leeched when using the Flamethrower and Minigun

TF2 Mandatory Update

– Added the TF Tomb contest winners and runners-up to the Mann Co. Store
– Fixed AE_CL_BODYGROUP_SET_VALUE animation events not working properly
– Fixes the Demoman’s sticky note not drawing, Soldier’s rocket reload missing the rocket, etc.
– Fixed an exploit related to the Sniper’s scope HUD panel
– Fixed being able to pick-up buildings while reloading the Panic Attack
– Fixed the Medic not being able to deploy a Quick-Fix/Vaccinator charge while carrying the flag
– Fixed the Professor Speks moving around on the Soldier’s face
– Added the Pubstars vs. Pros 6vs9 medal
– Fixed a problem with the how the server reports gamestats

TF2 Mandatory Update

– Fixed a bug related to the Demoman’s charge meter
– Fixed a bug related to the Loose Cannon’s Double Donk damage calculation
– Mannpower update
– Fixed disguised Spies using the incorrect grapple color
– Fixed the grapple still being connected to players after they die and respawn
– Fixed the Regen powerup preventing players from picking up health kits and ammo packs
– Fixed the Resist powerup shield drawing for Spies while they are invisible
– Fixed the Resist powerup shield using the wrong color for disguised Spies
– Fixed not seeing the powerup icons for disguised Spies
– Updated ctf_gorge to fix lighting issues
– Updated ctf_foundry to fix lighting issues and to prevent players from getting outside the playable area of the map
– When hud_fastswitch is disabled, pressing the ACTION key will select the grappling hook in the weapon selection menu

Notes missed from the previous update:
– Added LBTF2 and FBTF tournament medals
– Reduced the amount of self-damage received from the Loose Cannon