TF2 Dispenser Detonator | Engineer

Dispensers don’t do enough damage to make it worth detting in TF2.
But with if you really want it, today is your lucky day, because we have the [TF2] Dispenser Detonator plugin installed on our TF2 server. Makes dispensers explode dealing damage to enemies within a radius. In other words, kill any enemies that stand around or near your Dispenser.

Here is what you do, open the console and type: bind key “destroy 0” and hit enter.

Example: bind w “destroy 0”, with or without quotes shouldn’t matter. I did it with the quotes. Now go build yourself a dispenser, the higher the level, the more damage you will inflict. 🙂

The credit for this plugin goes to: retsam, who is a vetran modder at Allied Modders.

Why was I kicked or banned?

If you were kicked and you did nothing wrong, it could be because of our handy sourcemod auto-kicker for high pingers, 250 and above to be exact.

Game servers need this kind of plugin because it prevents players with bad connections from attaching to the server and possibly disrupting game play. As a result this could cause lag spikes and in the worst senario, it could contribute to a crash. Then we have to restart and hope our players re-connect.

So to help with the headache of having to monitor the server, yes we prefer to have a plugin do it for us. 🙂

If you had a problem with one of our admins or another player and your wondering why you got kicked, that’s probably why.

If you wish to dispute a ban, no problem, just make sure you deal directly with the admin who banned you, not an admin who does not know the whole story.

Custom Sprays and Logos

Custom Sprays and Logos

A way for you to show off your artistic skills.

Post your custom sprays and logos and once we have enough, there will be a winner!

The winner gets to post their spray on our home page so everyone who enter’s our TF2 server will see your creation.

Image Specifications:

  • Width: 280px / Height: 300px.
  • No size limit.
  • Keep the graphic easy on the eyes.
  • This spray / logo should not contain text.
Post Your Spray or Logo Here!

The Pyro

  • As a Pyro, your flamethrower does more damage the closer you are to the enemy.
  • As a Pyro, ambush enemies to catch them in the short range of your flamethrower. Use corners to your advantage.
  • As a Pyro, your flamethrower chews up a lot of ammo. Pick up fallen weapons to refill your supply.
  • As a Pyro, switch to your shotgun if enemies retreat beyond the short range of your flamethrower.
  • As a Pyro, you can often set enemies on fire and retreat, leaving them to die from the burning.
  • Hit E to call for a Medic if you get hurt. Nearby Medics will be notified of your need.
  • As a Pyro, you are a Spy’s worst nightmare. Your flame thrower can ignite enemy Spies disguised as your team. Spy check teammates that act suspicious!
  • As a Pyro, utilize the bonus damage on the Axtinguisher by igniting your foes.
  • As a Pyro, help protect an Engineer’s sentries by pushing away sticky bombs and checking for Spies.
  • As a Pyro, you can neutralize an ÜberCharge by pushing the Medic or his heal target out of range of each other using the Flame Thrower’s compression blast with MOUSE2!
  • As a Pyro, push enemies out of your way using the flame thrower’s compression blast with MOUSE2.
  • As a Pyro, the flame thrower’s compression blast MOUSE2 can extinguish burning teammates.
  • As a Pyro, you do not ignite from fire. Use your shotgun or fire axe against enemy Pyros to counter this.
  • As a Pyro, the Backburner is more useful for ambushing the enemy as it gets bonus damage when attacking from behind!
  • As a Pyro, the Flare Gun can do mini-crits if fired at enemies who are already burning if hit at medium to long range. (Incorrect, it does crits)
  • As a Pyro, your flame thrower or Flare Gun will not work underwater.
  • As a Pyro, hit MOUSE2 with your default flame thrower to let out a blast of compressed air. Use it to reflect incoming projectiles, put out burning teammates, and push enemies back!
  • As a Pyro, use your flame thrower on friendly Snipers to light their Huntsman arrows on fire. Flaming arrows can ignite the enemy.
  • As a Pyro, use MOUSE2 to reflect projectiles back at the enemy team! This includes rockets, grenades, Jarate, and more!
  • As a Pyro, remember, the flame thrower’s compression blast MOUSE2 can use up a lot of ammo. Use it when you need to!
  • As a Pyro, utilize the flame thrower’s compression blast MOUSE2 to push sticky bombs out of the way. Help out your Engineers or clear a Control Point!

The Spy

  • As a Spy, use your knife to backstab enemies from behind, killing them instantly.
  • As a Spy, disguise yourself as an enemy with your disguise kit. Beware, attacking will remove your disguise.
  • As a Spy, hit MOUSE2 to cloak and become fully invisible for a short period of time.
  • As a Spy, use your cloak to get behind enemy lines, and your disguise to move around amongst them.
  • As a Spy, try to act like an enemy while disguised. Observe where enemy team members are, and disguise as one of them.
  • As a Spy, place your electro sappers on enemy sentry guns to destroy them. Disguises aren’t lost when placing sappers.
  • As a Spy, your electro sappers disable sentry guns before destroying them. Sap a sentry gun before attacking the Engineer.
  • As a Spy, call for enemy Medics by hitting E while disguised.
  • As a Spy, be careful when using voice commands while disguised. The enemy team will see them said in the text chat by whoever you’re disguised as.
  • As a Spy, the Ambassador does not do critical headshots when cooling down. Make each shot precise and timed to maximize damage.
  • As a Spy, try not to be hit by flames when arming the Dead Ringer, or else the flames may hit you again and reveal your location.
  • As a Spy, while cloaked with the Dead Ringer, your silhouette won’t appear when colliding with enemies.
  • As a Spy, the Cloak and Dagger can regenerate cloak while moving around so long as you are uncloaked when doing so.
  • As a Spy, pick up ammo and fallen weapons to recharge cloak when using your invis watch or the Dead Ringer.
  • As a Spy, the Cloak and Dagger will only drain if you are moving. Stand still or uncloak to regain lost charge.
  • As a Spy, your silhouette can be seen if you move around while cloaked with the Cloak and Dagger for too long. Find a safe spot to sit and recharge.
  • As a Spy, the Dead Ringer makes a very loud noise when uncloaking. Find a safe place away from enemies to uncloak.
  • As a Spy, disguise as your own team by hitting the – key. Use this in friendly areas or with the Dead Ringer to hide your presence from the enemy.
  • As a Spy, hit B while already disguised to change what weapon your disguise is holding.
  • As a Spy, hit B to automatically disguise as the last disguise you previously had.
  • As a Spy, you can take enemy teleporters while disguised. Surprise!
  • As a Spy, bumping into enemies while cloaked makes you slightly visible to everyone.
  • As a Spy, if you’re set on fire while cloaked, the enemy can see you and you cannot recloak!
  • As a Spy, use your revolver to pick off targets that are low on health, or to deal with classes that are dangerous to get near, such as Pyros.
  • As a Spy, if you are quick, you can stab an Engineer and then sap his gun before it turns around and shoots you.
  • As a Spy, The Dead Ringer makes you take significantly less damage from all attacks while you are invisible.
  • As a Spy, avoid taking fall damage; it will give away your location!
  • As a Spy, your sappers sap both ends of a teleporter. Try sapping the end the Engineer isn’t at.
  • As a Spy, your Dead Ringer can fake a death. Try to use it when you’re weak, or else it will be wasted or too obvious.
  • As a Spy, reloading your revolver will mimic the reload action of your current disguise.
  • As a Spy, use the Dead Ringer after being burned to extinguish the flames.

The Sniper

  • As a Sniper, the longer you spend zoomed in the scope, the more damage the shot will do.
  • As a Sniper, aim for the head to do critical damage.
  • As a Sniper, zoom with the sniper rifle by hitting MOUSE2.
  • As a Sniper, use your secondary submachine gun to deal with nearby enemies.
  • As a Sniper, a fully charged sniper rifle head shot can kill most classes instantly.
  • As a Sniper, use your secondary submachine gun to deal with nearby enemies.
  • As a Sniper, your shot will miss if the Huntsman is pulled back longer than 5 seconds. Reset it by hitting MOUSE2.
  • As a Sniper, Jarate can reveal hidden Spies. Be wary, as Spies using the Dead Ringer won’t be visible if they cloak after being soaked.
  • As a Sniper, the Razorback breaks after being stabbed. Grab a new one from a resupply locker.
  • As a Sniper, Your Razorback emits a loud electric sound when a Spy attempts to backstab you. Listen for it!
  • As a Sniper, use Jarate to douse flames on yourself and on teammates.
  • As a Sniper, all hits on enemies who have been doused with Jarate are minicrits.
  • As a Sniper, the Tribalman’s Shiv causes a bleed on hit. This can be useful for tracking down Spies.

The Medic

  • As a Medic, use your medigun to heal teammates, and buff them up to 150% of their normal health.
  • As a Medic, fill your ÜberCharge by healing teammates. Then hit MOUSE2 to go invulnerable.
  • As a Medic, your ÜberCharge makes both you and your medigun target invulnerable for a short time.
  • As a Medic, you fill your ÜberCharge faster by healing teammates who are more hurt.
  • As a Medic, keep alert for teammates calling for your help. Use the Medic arrows onscreen to find them.
  • As a Medic, you build ÜberCharge at the maximum rate during setup time.
  • As a Medic, you cannot capture a Control Point while invulnerable.
  • As a Medic, heal Soldiers and Demomen at the beginning of rounds so they can use the extra health to rocket or sticky jump across the map.
  • As a Medic, you can ÜberCharge without a heal target to save yourself in dire situations.
  • As a Medic, it’s better to use an ÜberCharge too early than lose it by being killed.
  • As a Medic, mess with the enemy by using the ÜberCharge ready! voice command to pretend you have an ÜberCharge prepared.
  • As a Medic, you can keep multiple targets overhealed allowing them to absorb more damage.
  • As a Medic, your bonesaw swings 20% faster than the Übersaw. Use the bonesaw in defensive situations where ÜberCharge isn’t as important.
  • As a Medic, remember that syringes travel in arcs. Aim higher than your intended target to land successful hits.
  • As a Medic, remember that critical hits have no effect on sentry guns. Use the Kritzkrieg in areas full of players instead.
  • As a Medic, the Übersaw will still gain you ÜberCharge if the enemy being hit is a Scout phasing with Bonk! Atomic Punch.
  • As a Medic, using ÜberCharge to be invulnerable to damage does not mean you are free from harm. Watch out for Pyro air blasts and explosive knock back.
  • As a Medic, when attacking with an ÜberCharge try to get as close to sentries as possible so your teammates can get close enough to destroy them.
  • As a Medic, your default syringe gun automatically heals you over time by 3 health per second compared to the Blutsauger’s 1 health per second.
  • As a Medic, the Ubersaw will not gain you ÜberCharge if the enemy being hit is a disguised Spy.
  • As a Medic, the Kritzkrieg’s taunt heals 10 health. Use it when there are no health kits or other Medics nearby.
  • As a Medic, pay attention to other Medics on your team. Keeping multiple Medics alive will help keep the rest of the team alive too.
  • As a Medic, always be aware against enemy’s Kritzkrieg, you must be fast to deploy your ÜberCharge.

The Engineer

  • As an Engineer, use the build tool to place sentry guns, dispensers, and teleporters.
  • As an Engineer, you need metal to build, repair, and upgrade your buildings. Collect fallen weapons to get more metal.
  • As an Engineer, hit your sentry gun with your wrench to upgrade it with metal. Each level adds more health and firepower.
  • As an Engineer, build dispensers to provide your teammates with health and ammo. They also generate metal for you to use.
  • As an Engineer, build teleporters to help your team reach the front line faster.
  • As an Engineer, keep an eye out for enemy Spies attaching sappers to your buildings. Use your wrench to remove sappers.
  • As an Engineer, help your fellow Engineers! Your wrench can upgrade or repair their buildings.
  • As an Engineer, hit your buildings with your wrench while they are constructing to make them build faster.
  • As an Engineer, it can be useful to move your buildings forward with your team.
  • As an Engineer, remember to upgrade your buildings. Level 3 teleporters recharge much faster allowing your team to keep the pressure on.
  • As an Engineer, hit either the entrance or the exit of your teleporter with your wrench to repair and upgrade both sides.
  • As an Engineer, hit MOUSE2 to rotate building blueprints before you hit MOUSE1 to build. Use this to face teleporters away from walls.
  • As an Engineer, you can do more than just maintain your buildings. Use your shotgun and your pistol to assist in fights and to defend.
  • As an Engineer, sentry guns aren’t restricted to just defensive measures. Deploy them quickly in hidden locations to aid in an offensive push.
  • As an Engineer, remember that disguised Spies can take your teleporter. Try not to stand on top of your teleporter exit.
  • As an Engineer, check for Spies with your weapons if someone suspicious approaches.
  • As an Engineer, use your shotgun and pistol to destroy enemy sticky bombs placed near your buildings.