Secure connection failed, No Steam logon, or A connection to the VAC servers could not be made

Question I am trying to connect to a secure game server, but I received the error message ‘SECURE CONNECTION FAILED’. Common causes: Connection Issues Security Software Background Applications Third-party Anti-Cheat Applications Answer This issue stems from four main sources: connection issues, security software, background applications and third-party anti-cheat applications. Connection Issues Firewalls and Routers If … Read more

Client dropped by server and Warning: Connection Problem

Question I am receiving one of the error messages listed below: WARNING : Connection Problem Client dropped by server Answer If you are receiving these error messages, it is most likely a network connectivity issue interfering with game traffic between your machine and the server you are playing on. Please use the following process and … Read more

Bad file server is enforcing file consistency

Question I get this error: Error: Bad file Server is enforcing file consistency. Answer If you are getting disconnected from servers with the following error: You have been disconnected from the server. Reason: Bad file Server is enforcing file consistency for”. This usually happens if you copied over some custom content from an old install … Read more


Question I see this message when I’m playing: ‘WARNING: CL_FlushEntityPacket Answer If you are getting CL_FlushEntityPacket Warnings this typically means that either: Your internet connection or the server’s internet connection is having problems. Your connection is overloaded, for example running a peer-to-peer filesharing application in the background. There are other computers on your local network … Read more

Error verifying STEAM UserID ticket

Question I receive the error: ‘You have been disconnected from the server. Reason: Error verifying STEAM UserID ticket’ when I try to connect to a server. Answer Important: If the Steam Network is down or too busy you may not be able to connect to a Game Server – to determine whether or not this … Read more