Oz Sourcemod Plugins and Commands

TF2 Dispenser Detonator

This plugin acts as TFC’s det dispenser. It makes dispensers explode dealing damage within a radius when destroyed from PDA.

How To Enable it

The below commands allow engies to toggle dispensers detonating. (To allow for destroying a nearby dispenser without killing yourself)

This must be done before it will work.

To make this work in-game, copy and paste bind key “destroy 0” in console.


[TF2] First Blood Rewards


Player who gets first kill when round starts gets either a popup menu to choose a reward, or random reward. (depending what value is set for the cvar)

Cvars: Here is what the config file looks like inside.

sm_arenafirstblood “0” //Enable tf2 first blood cvar in arena mode? (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_crits_period “15.0” // Period in seconds for crits duration.
sm_fbrewards_emitsound “1” // Emit the first blood sound file files? (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_enabled “1” // Enable/Disable first blood rewards plugin. (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_fireammo_period “60.0” // Period in seconds for fire ammo duration.
sm_fbrewards_god_period “20.0” // Period in seconds for godmode duration.
sm_fbrewards_health_amount “600.0” // Health amount for health buff reward.
sm_fbrewards_invis_period “25.0” // Period in seconds for invis duration.
sm_fbrewards_msgs “1” // Display first blood reward messages/info? (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_mode “1” //Mode for first blood rewards. (1/2) 1=menu popup 2=random.
sm_fbrewards_sentry_period “120” // Period in seconds before sentry is auto-destroyed.
sm_fbrewards_timer “1” // Enable the center screen timer countdown? (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_vampire_amount “12.0” // Health amount leeched per hit for vampire.
sm_fbrewards_vampire_period “100.0” // Period in seconds for vampire life leech duration.


[TF2] Melee Mode v0.4

When enabled by an Admin, this plugin forces all players to use melee weapons.


[TF2] High Ping Kicker

If your ping is above 250 you will be kicked. Because of this plugin, the server runs better.

The Best SourceMod Advertisements Plugin

Here is a sample of ozgaming.net’s advertisements.txt, the Best SourceMod Advertisements Plugin created by Tsunami, promoted by ozgaming.net

// Advertisements 0.5
// by Tsunami
// Types
// —–
// C: Center message
// H: Hint message
// M: Menu message
// S: Say message
// T: Top message
// – Colors: {WHITE}, {RED}, {GREEN}, {BLUE}, {YELLOW}, {PURPLE}, {CYAN},
// – Example: {ORANGE} www.domain.com
// Flags (optional)
// —–
// Accepts flags of admins that will not see the advertisement.
// When omitted everyone will see the advertisement.
// When left empty only admins will see the advertisement.

“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} get admin @ ozgaming.net”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} for stats type: gameme”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} report a bad admin @ ozgaming.net”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} get downloads @ ozgaming.net”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} comment on posts @ ozgaming.net”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} post your trades @ ozgaming.net”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} in-depth stats @ ozgaming.net”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} for stats type: gameme”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} get free support @ ozgaming.net”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} we are on irc @ ozgaming.net”
“type” “T”
“text” “{LIGHTBLUE} spray your custom sprays here”

Extended TF2 Admin Commands (sourcemod)

These commands provide extended functionality that may not be present on all games, either due to game or engine differences. In general, they work on the most popular mods. If you have a mod which is new, or not supported yet due to lower popularity, file a feature request.

Command Plugin Access Format Descriptionsm_beacon funcommands slay <target> Adds a ring around each target, making them easily visible.

sm_burn funcommands slay <target> [time] Sets the target(s) on fire for the specified amount of time. This may or may not work fully on certain games (for example, TF2 is missing the fire sprite, but clients will bleed/lose health). If specified, burning effect will stop after the [time] seconds.
sm_chat basechat chat <message> Sends a say-chat message to all admins.
sm_csay basechat chat <message> Sends a centered message to all players.
sm_gag basecomm chat <target> Prevents the target(s) from using messagemode/say chat.
sm_hsay basechat chat <message> Sends a message to all players via a center-bottom hint box.
sm_msay basechat chat <message> Sends a message as a menu panel (only meaningful on games that support radio menus).
sm_mute basecomm chat <target> Prevents the target(s) from using voice chat.
sm_play sounds admin <target> <file> Plays a sound file on the server to each target.
sm_psay basechat chat <target> <message> Sends a private chat message to a single target.
sm_rename playercommands slay <#userid|name> Changes the name of a player.
sm_resetcvar basecommands cvar <cvar> Resets CVAR value back to default.
sm_say basechat chat <message> Sends a say-chat message to all players.
sm_silence basecomm chat <target> Performs both a gag and mute on the target(s).
sm_slap playercommands slay <target> [damage] “Slaps” a player, emitting a noise and throwing them in a random direction. If specified, the damage amount will be subtracted from each target’s health.
sm_slay playercommands slay <target> Kills a player.
sm_tsay basechat chat [color] <message> Sends a top-left message to all players. If no color is specified, the text will be white. Colors available are: white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, orange, pink, olive, lime, violet, lightblue. The names are not case sensitive.
sm_ungag basecomm chat <target> Allows the target(s) to use messagemode/say chat again.
sm_unmute basecomm chat <target> Allows the target(s) to use voice chat again.
sm_unsilence basecomm chat <target> Perfoms both an ungag and unmute on the target(s).

Basic TF2 Admin Commands (sourcemod)

These are basic commands found in plugins that have been deemed safe for War Mode; they provide simple functionality for administering your server.

Command Plugin Access Format Description

sm_addban basebans rcon [reason] Adds a Steam ID to Source’s ban list.
sm_admin adminmenu admin Displays the admin menu.
sm_ban basebans ban [reason] Bans a client.
sm_banip basebans ban [reason] Adds an IP address to Source’s ban list. Only someone with rcon access can ban an arbitrary IP.
sm_cancelvote basecommands vote Cancels any vote in progress.
sm_cvar basecommands cvar [value] Retrieves or changes a cvar value. Protected cvars can only be accessed with rcon access, and sv_cheats can only be accessed with cheat access.
sm_execcfg basecommands config Executes a config file (path not needed, but extension is).
sm_help adminhelp admin search] Lists all admin commands. Output is paginated and a page number can be specified. Alternately, a search term can be specified to search for a specific command.

sm_kick basecommands kick [reason] Kicks a player.
sm_map basecommands map Changes the current map.
sm_rcon basecommands rcon Executes the argument string via rcon. You will only see RCON output on SourceMod 1.4 or above.
sm_reloadadmins basecommands config Refreshes the Admin cache from all sources.
sm_unban basebans unban Unbans a Steam ID or an IP.

sm_who basecommands admin [#userid|name] Lists all users and their access rights, or a specific user’s access rights.