New Admin Manager – [Oz] Wii

New Admin Manager – [Oz] Wii

Many of you know him as Wii. He has been with us for about 3 years. Most of that time he served as Admin. Since the Admin Manager is a new position, you guys are probably wondering what the difference is between a regular Admin and a Admin Manager. An Admin Manager has power over all Admins similar to the owners, Jab and pc. The Admin Manager aka Wii in this case, will be your go to person when you have questions or need someone to fix a drama filled situation on the servers. Jab and myself will still be here if and when needed, but will more than likely tell you to ask Wii first. Wii is the Admin Manager and needs to exercise that role.

There are only a few things that are expected from our Admin Manager that differ from regular Admins.

First and foremost, always make sure your Admins are doing their job. Here’s just 1 example…

You enter the server in spectator mode and you see a few of your Admins playing. Then you notice a few players with racist names. You see the racist players have been on the server for quite some time, but your Admins have not yet said anything. It’s your job to immediately open Admin chat or Steam chat and ask them why they have not yet told the players to change their names yet. If your Admins say, it’s because we did not notice. That is not acceptable and your Admin should get a warning. That’s like someone robbing a bank, meanwhile there are 3 cops standing out front eating doughnuts while the criminal gets away. Those cops will have some explaining to do, perhaps lose their job. So if your Admins are not doing their job, the owners are going to wonder if the Admin Manager is doing his. Admin Managers must be mature and able to be aggressive with their Admins when needed. No exceptions! That is a very important part of being a good an Admin Manager. Admin Managers must remember not to confront their Admins publicly or create drama between them. Admin chat in game or Steam chat works nicely. This position is about running a fine tuned TF2 community and making sure you have the right team for the job. Admin Managers will also have the final say to add and remove Admins.


Admin List Update – 9/28/2015

“STEAM_0:1:440399” “99:z” //pc
“STEAM_0:0:2789269” “99:z” //pc
“STEAM_0:0:61441640” “99:z” //pc
“STEAM_0:1:7334502” “99:z” //Jab
“STEAM_0:0:6050192” “99:z” //Jab
“STEAM_0:1:55684298” “98:bcdej” //Wii
“STEAM_0:0:92633601” “1:bcdej” //Hunter
“STEAM_0:1:45953978” “1:bcdej” //Crispy
“STEAM_0:1:45332018” “1:bcdej” //feurolant
“STEAM_0:0:65138755” “1:bcdej” //Slayer
“STEAM_0:1:76886364” “1:bcdej” //Charles
“STEAM_0:1:17025145” “1:bcdej” //Trixy
“STEAM_0:1:48694268” “1:bcdej” //CrazyToast

New Admin Manager Position

Admin Manager – Requirements & Duties

1. You must be an existing Admin, mature and at least 13 years of age.
2. You must be as active a minimum of 4-6 days a week.
3. You will be excepted to remind all of your fellow Admins to enforce our rules.
5. You must be a natural leader, and not afraid to enforce our rules, and confront your Admins when they don’t.

As an Admin Manager you will receive the next highest Admin level just under our General Admin. You will be in charge of managing and watching over all Admins. This title demands full respect at all times, the same way the owners receive respect, period. The reason for this position in the first place, is to allow our owners to do a more efficient job at over seeing the overall growth of our TF2 community.

Apply for Admin Manager here.

TF2 Update Details

TF2 Mandatory Update Details

- Added Collection Trade-Ups!
- Check out the blog post for more information:
- Added Map Stamps and Strange Filters for the featured maps in the Gun Mettle Campaign
- Added the Gun Mettle Cosmetic Case which contains new community cosmetic items
    - Gun Mettle Cosmetic Case can only be found by players with a campaign coin
    - Cosmetics in a collection can be listed on the Steam Community Market
- All Strange items now have a visible icon in backpack panels
- Added an option button to display paints and/or styles options for items in the Mann Co. Store preview page and the Steam Workshop item import tool
- Added the OWL 14 tournament medals
- Added a Steam Community Profile option to the player right-click context menu in the scoreboard
- Fixed a buffer overflow exploit (thanks to Didrole for this report)
- Fixed a Mann vs. Machine exploit related to purchasing upgrades while not at an upgrade station
- Fixed a Mann vs. Machine exploit related to the Medigun shield
- Fixed the Gun Mettle Coin not displaying its proper level in the Steam Community view
- Fixed the Enforcer getting a damage bonus as the Spy was disguising and not fully disguised
- Fixed the cvarlist command truncating some cvar/command descriptions
- Fixed hitting 'Enter' while in the backpack menu triggering buttons in the main menu
- Fixed invalid map names in nextlevel convar or the map cycle causing the server to fail to change level after displaying the score panel
- Fixed the Engineer losing revenge crits and picked-up weapons after using The Eureka Effect to teleport back to base
- The Dalokohs Bar can now accept Ally Healing Done strange parts
- Updated several HUD elements to include the name of the weapon's owner when a player is carrying a weapon they picked-up
- Updated the materials for the Stickybomb Launcher
- Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents
- Updated the localization files
- PASS Time update
    - Fixed scoring in your own goal if you change teams while the jack is in flight
    - Fixed disguised and cloaked enemy Spies having a shield drawn for them in the HUD
    - Fixed players sometimes not being able to throw the jack
    - Fixed another case where players could teleport the jack with The Eureka Effect
    - Fixed The Dead Ringer making it impossible to throw the jack or deactivate the Dead Ringer
    - All global special abilities that are activated with alt-fire are now available while carrying the jack, unless you're actively aiming the jack
    - Unlocked console variables for community servers to experiment with without requiring sv_cheats
    - Fixed Scouts being able to pick up the jack while drinking
    - Fixed disguised Spies being able to carry the jack in some situations
    - Made weapon switch faster after throwing the jack
    - Fixed not getting a speed boost if you score and then get the jack after it respawns
    - Fixed a crash if mp_tournament was enabled and someone scored during pre-game
    - Improved the way blocking works
    - Fixed being able to cancel enemy taunts by hitting them with the ball
    - Fixed seeing a phantom jack in your hand if you threw the jack and couldn't switch back to your previous weapon (jars, cleavers, etc.)
    - Updated pass_warehouse
        - Fixed issue with jack getting stuck behind props
        - Fixed exploit of jack getting stuck in dropper
        - Fixed issue with unbalanced ammo and health kits
        - Moved resupply closets further from the doors
        - Added plank walkway to central warehouses on top of the containers
- Server Browser
    - Fixed the history tab of the server browser failing to record servers
    - Fixed the spectate tab of the server browser not working at all
    - Fixed the game info dialog for SourceTV master servers improperly showing the server as not responding
    - Fixed connecting to SourceTV servers via the Favorites tab in the server browser
    - Fixed SourceTV relay servers not properly registering on the server list in some situations
    - Fixed the game info dialog for SourceTV relay servers not allowing connection despite open slots
    - Fixed SourceTV relay servers appearing to have negative max players
- Maps Workshop Beta
    - Fixed map cycle files specified before the initial map load not properly tracking workshop maps
    - Fixed game servers using registered accounts via sv_setsteamaccount being unable to access workshop content
    - Fixed servers getting stuck in a loop when the nextlevel convar contains a un-loadable workshop map

Admins and Aliases


We know it’s fun to change our names to something funny or w/e the reason is, I know this because I do it now and then too. However, when Jab or myself do it, 9 times out of 10 it’s for undercover purposes, not to play around. Besides, we want to make sure everyone knows who we are without making them wonder or guess if you are an admin or not.┬áNot just for our visitors, but to make sure our admins are doing their part. Now that you know this, please do not say, Hi pc or Hi Jab if you see it is us undercover, lol.. If we are under a different name and you need to ask one of us a question, PLEASE do it in Steam chat, not public.

Here is a conversation between Jab and myself in Steam chat…

7:15 PM – [Oz] pc: how do you feel about our admins constantly changing their name?
7:18 PM – [Oz] Jab: for an under cover thing, not a bad thing, but they should have their original name on period
7:18 PM – [Oz] Jab: w/e name they assign themselves should be the name they should use if they r admin
7:18 PM – [Oz] pc: i agree
7:19 PM – [Oz] Jab: my suggestion is before they get admin (this is just me), they need to have a name they can stick with
7:19 PM – [Oz] Jab: so ppl will know who that admin is
7:19 PM – [Oz] pc: undercover once in a while, but they need to use the name the signed up under.

Changing our name in game isn’t a crime, it’s just confusing to those of us who need to know who is who. That’s why we have an admin list. So from now on make sure you use the name you were hired under, this way there is no confusion between our admins or visitors.