Time Limits Per TF2 Server

This is our current server cfg time limit setup for both TF2 servers. Since our TF2 servers are set to voting, these high time limits give players ample amount of time to play while being able to vote to change maps when bored.

mp_timelimit 999 //max time limit
mp_maxrounds 999 //to map change
mp_winlimit 20 //to map change

Rotating Maps & Voting Enabled

This will be our default map rotation on We will also experiment with map voting on this server for no set amount of time. If it works out to be a good decision for the community we will keep it. ctf_2fort pl_upward plr_hightower ctf_doublecross pl_badwater cp_badlands cp_gorge cp_egypt_final pl_thundermountain ctf_turbine cp_dustbowl pl_goldrush plr_pipeline cp_degrootkeep…Continue Reading

Fortress Forever vs. TF2

Fortress Forever competitive play differs in 4 major ways to TF2: Speed Defensive strategy Focus on movement Individual ability Fortress Forever is much faster than TF2, and players have stricter positions. In TF2 both teams move around the map pushing each other back in a kind of tug-of-war; in FF the defending team creates a…Continue Reading

Fortress Forever on Steam!

Fortress Forever has finally made it’s way into Steam as a F2P game. This should strongly improve their visibility throughout the gaming community. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Fortress Forever as soon as it is available for download, which will be tomorrow. Fortress Forever Direct DownloadContinue Reading