This is the Steam account that stole an $85 unusual from [Oz] Hunter – If you have any information on this please msg an Oz Admin or any one of our community members.

[Oz] Hunter: Hello Oz, Hunter here. How many of you trust me, how many of you have been with this community and like it, and know we do good things? How many of you enjoy to help your fellow player? Well in this case you can. Recently i was scammed out of an unusual by some hacker with bot accounts. Basically what happened was his bot account disguised as mine and took my unu from my trusted friend, Redneck. No, Redneck is not the scammer, his bp doesn’t have the unu either. So what i have done is report and make a steam support ticket, but i know that’s not enough. I am linking you to his profile, report him, make tf2 discussions on the tf2 hub shaming him, make everyone know who he is and how he is not trustable. Make sure he is banned and he can’t do this to anyone else, and help me get my unu back. If enough of us file reports and tickets, steam will have no choice but to pay attention to us. If you help me out, I can help you in the future as well. A Lot of the regulars on the oz servers know me well and know who i am to a somewhat personal level. Don’t believe me? Talk to Andrew, Redneck, Slayer, Wii, Trixy, this list can go on and on. Anyways I won’t ramble too much, here is a link to ihs profile, report him and help me out.

Posted by – [Oz] Hunter. Is The Worst! Is The Worst!

My experience with

In 2009 I signed up with At that time they were known as one of the better Game Server Hosts. They offered services for a price that was difficult for others to match. However, times have changed and so has I’ll explain. Our community went through a rough 12 month phase where the 2 TF2 servers we were renting would intermittently experience strong lag spikes. More than likely DDOS Attacks. These lag spikes could last from a few minutes to a few hours. Enough to completely disrupt game play for everyone. To the point of the servers emptying out. Many times the servers would crash while they were full. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, after I would submit a support ticket, it would take them hours or even the next day to reply to a single request. By then the TF2 rush hour was over and our servers would have fixed themselves. When they did respond, they would say something very pre-programmed, like, We’re sorry for the delay and inconvenience this may have caused you. Your servers should be running fine now. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. I’m thinking, are you fucking kidding me… ROFL… I felt like I was dealing with bots. Here we are a few years later and nothing has changed…

The other day we had a small mandatory TF2 update. When TF2 updates are needed it’s quite simple to do the update. Log into your cPanel and click the Server Update button, done. With, sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. When it does not work you submit a support ticket and wait for a response. Nothing else you can do except wait. Until then, your servers will sit empty. In this case, it was over 24 hours before I got a response. This is totally unacceptable and I was pissed. For me, this was the last straw, and is what prompt me to exercise my game server hosting options. This time around I really wanted to make sure the next Game Server Host I hired took support VERY serious with nothing less than excellent reviews. So here’s what I did. 😉 I spent a few hours researching Game Server Hosting Reviews. I found 5 different Game Server Hosts I thought would be worth a shot. I put together an lengthy email pointing out all of my needs. I sent the email out to all 5 at the same time. Whoever had the best response times , who was the most helpful, who spoke the best English and who was the most polite was the Game Server Host I would choose. And the winner was, Fragnet Networks! Each email sent to them was turned around in literally 1-3 minutes. That’s impressive! FYI – The bad reviews I read about Fragnet seemed to be coming from people who had less than a sufficient amount of knowledge to be running a gaming server / community in the first place. With that being said, for Oz Gaming, time will tell. Is The Worst!

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