We are actively Recruiting Admins for both TF2 servers.

Oz TF2 Server #1 IP:

Oz TF2 Server #2 IP:

If you are interested post a comment below or in Google+.


New Website

I don’t know about you guys, but I was bored with the old site, so this is what I came up with. I hope everyone likes the new site. It runs on the latest WordPress platform. Besides our Google+ community, this platform is just another great way for us to keep up with what is going on in the community. This includes Google+ and our YouTube channel.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we could improve our community please leave a comment below.

Recently one of our admins had his player stats reset. Some of you may know this player as
Oz | Gluteus Max­imus. His stats rank was #1 globally, now it’s gone. Wow, why did this happen? It happened because he was absent from the servers for more than 20 days. Why 20 days? Because that is what gameme defaults all accounts to reset at. This is something I was not aware of in the beginning. Since then I have reset this number from 20 days to 100 days / just over 3 months. My personal apologies to Oz | Gluteus Max­imus for what I personally would be pissed about myself after so much time and hard work. He spent many months building his stats and many hours, now it’s all gone. As the owner of this community, I know how much time you guys put in and how much pride you guys take when building your stats. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to fix a global reset, at least as far as I know.. I will be researching this, but there is no guarantee I will be able to get his stats reinstated.

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)
– Added mat_viewportupscale and mat_viewportscale to enable rendering the world at a reduced resolution. (“mat_viewportupscale 1″ and “mat_viewportscale 0.5″ will downscale world rendering by 50%.)
– Added a new convar mp_mapcycle_empty_timeout_seconds to trigger a changelevel when the server is empty
– Fixed a bug that prevented consecutive clicks on scrollbar buttons
– Performance and stability improvements
– Added positional audio support for Mumble clients

Team Fortress 2
– Scream Fortress Event 2012
– Fixed a bug where buildings would be invisible during their setup time
– Mann vs. Machine
– Added the map Mvm_coaltown_event with a special Halloween mission
– Fixed a bug where players money would not be set properly when restoring a checkpoint
– Fixed server crash on vote to restart mission

Hey all, we have a new TF2 server, IP address – Be sure to add this new IP to your Steam Favorites just in case our primary TF2 server is down, full or you just want to play with different players.

This new server, as well as all of our future TF2 servers will track your stats no matter which server you play on.

So be sure to add this new IP address to your Steam Favorites. This server will be used as an over flow if the server you like to play on is full.

If you have custom map recommendations for this server post them in this section as a poll or discussion – [url]http://www.ozgaming.net/ozforums/viewforum.php?f=4[/url].

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)
– Fixed HTTP downloads on Mac not sending an HTTP referer

Team Fortress 2
– Updated materials/models for the Champ Stamp, King of Scotland Cape, Stovepipe Sniper Shako, and Freedom Staff
– Fixed a server crash that could occur if a Spy was disguised holding the Gunslinger
– Fixed the Lacking Moral Fiber Mask being tagged as a misc item instead of a hat
– Fixed the Gunslinger not accepting “Sappers Removed” strange parts
– Overhealed players that are bleeding or on fire can now pickup healthkits to remove these conditions
– Added tf_dingalingaling_repeat_delay (default 0) which limits how often the dingalingaling sound can play
– Removed outdated tip about the Spy’s Enforcer
– Updated the localization files
– Vote system
– Allow kicking of connected players that haven’t joined a team in Mann vs. Machine
– Added sv_vote_issue_kick_spectators_mvm (default 0) which allows players to kick anyone that isn’t team invaders, as long as they’ve passed the sv_vote_issue_kick_min_connect_time_mvm timer, if enabled
– Mann vs. Machine
– Added two new tours of duty, each with new unique loot:
– Operation Oil Spill, with 6 new intermediate skill missions
– Operation Gear Grinder, with 3 new expert skill missions
– If a player connects to a MvM game through matchmaking and loses their connection, their spot will be held for a brief duration and they will be given a chance to reconnect
– After victory on a Mann Up server, the players will be put into a lobby together.
– Improved matchmaking searching status screen
– Mann vs. Machine balance changes:
– Explosive Headshots
– damage is now 150 regardless of upgrade level
– damage is done in one tick instead of the previous six
– added a slowing effect based on upgrade level (50%-80% slow, 2-4 second duration)
– radius still scales with upgrade level (unchanged)
– Marked For Death duration reduced to 7 seconds from 15 seconds when the target is a giant robot
– Reduced the “effect bar recharge rate increased” upgrade from 20% increments with an 80% cap to 15% increments with a 60% cap

Oz Gaming would like to thank Oz | BaiHu for his generous donation of $75.00. All donations help support our server and community. We are currently saving for a second server to help expand our community. Please recognize this member and thank him for his generous contribution to our community.

I am happy to announce that the Oz Gaming community has reached our goal of $150. This amount should help our community get through the next 4-5 months. In the meantime we will continue to accept donations to support our new server. This new server will be placed on the west coast. As soon as this server is fully configured with all of our SourceMod Plugins I will post the new IP.

Thank you Oz | BaiHu!

Oz Gaming would like to thank Dj BRONZE for his generous donation of $20.00. All donations help support our server and community. We are currently saving for a second server to help expand our community. Please recognize this member and thank him for his generous contribution to our community.

Thank you Dj BRONZE!